Black Bean Sauce Noodles

Recipe: Black Bean Sauce Noodles Summary: Somehow Black Bean Sauce Noodle was believed one of the most authentic Chinese food among Koreans. This is a very popular and affordable dish that you can find easily in a Chinese restaurant in Korea. Ingredients Chopped cabbage 1/2 Chopped potato 1/4 Chopped onion… Read more →

Pine nut porridge

Pine Nut Porridge

Recipe: Pine nut porridge (잣죽) Summary: Pine nut porridge is a high-protein porridge that Koreans eat when they are sick… Read more →


Japchae (Chapchae)

Recipe: Japchae (잡채) Summary: Japchae is a stir-fried noodle dish mixed with slightly cooked vegetables. The noodle is made with… Read more →