Chili Prawns

Recipe: Chili Prawns Summary: There are several dishes that Koreans believe were originated from China, but quite often they are only found in Chinese restaurants in Korea. Chili prawn is only of those dishes. A bit spicy, sweet and delicious! Ingredients 20 Prawns Potato Starch 2/3 Cup 1 Egg Onion 1/2 Carrot 1/2 Chinese Chili Oil 3 T Ketchup 1/2… Read more →

Kimchi Pancake

Kim Chi Jeon

Recipe: Kimchi Pancake Summary: Kimchi jeon is a pancake made with chopped Kimchi. If you have Kimchi in your fridge and get hungry at night, you can make kimchi jeon with just flour and egg. Ingredients 1/2 cup of chopped Kimchi 1/3 cup Kimchi soup 1 cup of flour 1 egg 2/3 cup of water 2 T vegetable oil Instructions… Read more →

Korean Cucumber Salad Recipe

Many Korean side dishes are vegetable dishes, some slightly cooked and others served fresh with light seasoning. Cucumber salad is one of most common and loved fresh side dishes. Enjoy fresh cucumber and sweet and spicy mix. Ingredients 1 cucumber 1T salt 1t minced green onions 1T rice vinegar 1t sugar 1t red chili powder 1t sesame seeds Instructions Slice… Read more →

Korean Fried Tofu

Recipe: Korean Pan Fried Tofu Summary: Pan Fried Tofu is a wonderful side dish and quite easy to make. It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or time, so it’s a perfect dish for a beginner in Korean cooking. Ingredients Tofu 1 Chopped Green Onion 1T Soy Sauce 2T Chopped Garlic 1t Sesame Oil 1t Red ChiliPowder 1t Sugar 1t… Read more →

Potato Pancake – Gamjajun

Recipe: Korean potato pancake Summary: Korean potato pancake (gamjajun) is a good snack for kids and can be served as a side dish for a regular meal. ‘Jun’ in korean means pancake and there are many different kinds of juns. Ingredients 3 medium potatoes, grated 1/2 tsp salt Green & red chili as garnish 1T of vegetable oil Instructions Peel… Read more →