Kimbab – Korean Sushi Roll

Recipe: Kimbab Summary: Kimbab is a popular Korean picnic food made with rice and various ingredients, rolled in laver(seaweek) and served in bite-size slices. Ingredients 5 roasted sea laver sheets (nori in Japanese) 2 eggs 1 carrot yellow pickled radish ham (or sausage) 1 cucumber salt sesame oil cooked rice Instructions Whip the eggs gently and pour and spread them… Read more →

Cucumber Cold Soup (Naeng Guk)

Recipe: Cucumber cold soup (오이냉국) Summary: Summer in Korea is very hot and humid. There are many cold soups and cold dishes are popular to cool down summer heat. Cucumber cold soup (오이냉국) is one of my favorite summer soup. Here is how I make it. Ingredients Cucumber 1/2 Salt 1/2T Minced Garlic 1t Sliced Red Chili 1/2 Cold Water… Read more →


Recipe: Ssamjang (쌈장) Summary: Ssamjang is a thick, spicy dipping sauce served with vegetables (cucumber, lettuce, pepper). The name derives from the words jang (meaning “paste” or “thick sauce”) and ssam (meaning “food wrapped in a leaf”), hence “sauce for food wrapped in a leaf.” Ingredients Korean Bean Paste 3T Korean Red Chili Paste 1/2 T Minced garlic 1t Sesame… Read more →

Bean Sprout Salad (Kongnamul Muchim)

Recipe: Bean sprout salad Summary: Bean sprout salad is a very popular side dish. Bean sprouts have nutrient value similar to asparagus and mushroom, which contain high quantity of Vitamin A. Ingredients Bean sprouts 1/2 lbs Salt 1t Chopped green onion 2t Minced garlic 1t Sesame oil 1t Korean chili powder 1t Instructions Boil water in a pot Add bean… Read more →

Shabu Shabu

Recipe: Shabu Shabu Summary: Shabu shabu is a Japanese hot pot and it is popular in Korea. Shabu-shabu means “swish-swish,” referring to the swishing action when you cook a thin slice of beef in hot water. Each diner cooks raw beef and vegetable. Ingredients Soup base anchovies 10 Dried kelp (tashima) 5×5″ 1t black pepper Thin sliced beef sirloin 1.5… Read more →