Dukbokgi – Spicy Rice Cake

Dukbokgi is a very popular snack in Korea. It is spicy and a bit sweet. You can add ramen (instant noodle) and a boiled egg. Korea Rice Cake 2 Cups Red Chili Paste 2T Red Chili Powder 1T Oil 1t Sugar 1T Soy Sauce 1T Minced garlic 1t Sliced green onion as garnish Water 1 Cup Sliced Fish Cake (Oden)… Read more →


Recipe: Jangorim Summary: There are not many meat side dishes in Korea. Jangorim is one of a few meat side dishes. It takes about 2 hours to prepare and it will make your whole kitchen smell like cooked soy sauce, but it is definitely worth it. Ingredients 1.5 pounds beef shank (or brisket) 6 eggs 1 green onion 1 bulk… Read more →

Gol-bang-ee Muchim (Sea Snail Salad)

Recipe: Gol-bang-ee Muchim (Sea Snail Salad) Summary: Gol-bang-ee Muchim is a very popular pub food in Korea. It is a sea snail salad with hot & sweet dressing. Ingredients 1 can of Gol Bang Eee (Sea snails) Cucumber 1/2 Onion 1/2 Green onion 1 Korean thin noodles Vinegar 3T Juice from Gol Bang Eee can 3T Korean chili paste 2T… Read more →

Oyster Soup (Gul Guk)

Recipe: Oyster Soup Summary: I don’t think Oyster Soup is common in most of families, but my grandma used to make it and I still love it. If you are a seafood lover, you will enjoy Oyster soup. You can feel fresh flavor of oysters. Ingredients Oysters without shell 8-10 Radish 1/3 Chopped green onion 2T Salt 1/2 T Soy… Read more →


Recipe: Samgyopsal Summary: Samgyopsal is thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat (similar to bacon, but thicker and not smoked). The meat is not marinated or seasoned, and you barbecue it on the dining table using with a small gar stove or charcoal grill. It doesn’t require much preparation. Get Samgyopsal meat from a Korean grocery store and grill or… Read more →